Whenever I feel overwhelmed with a project (or most likely a deadline) I like to open my sketchbook and quickly draw whatever I feel like (90% of the time it’s lettering, not gonna lie). This is not procrastinating, I swear, it’s what keeps me sane and motivated to finish other projects. 📕📓📘



Warm-up exercise cause I’ve had a terrible creative block all week. ✌🏼🌱🌺🍃🌸🌿 


Piedmont Park

This winter the weather has been amazing (and very weird) so a few weeks ago I went to the park with my lovely friends and, believe it or not, the cutest puppy ran towards me and jumped into my bag. I didn't get to keep it though... Also, dear Atlanta, you're not crime infested and definitely not in horrible shape.

Fun Creative Exercise

Fun creative exercise: draw shapes all over a page of your sketchbook and try to come up with creatures that would fit in those shapes! It's kind of like seeing shapes in clouds, and it's great for your brain. (I did these today with recycled color pencils, and a monotwin pen, both from Tombow)

Then who?

Emma Watson is a constant source of inspiration, cause GIRL POWER!

Loving this month's package from Tombow! I've been doodling words ever since I got it. This lettering set for beginners includes 2 Dual Brush pens, a 4H drawing pencil, a Fudenosuke calligraphy pen, a permanent marker, an eraser, and a lettering guide. ✏️✒️📕


Always, ALWAYS! I'm particularly thankful for this brazilian passion fruit tea, and these ridiculously amazing Fudenosuke Brush Pens from @tombowusa, on this sunday morning. New favorite drawing tool alert! 🖊🤓☕️


Pencil in spanish is called "lápiz", brush is "pincel", and pen is "bolígrafo"; just so you know.

Drawing in the park

Last month, me and my friend Sena, went to the park and enjoyed an eclectic mix of Venezuelan and Korean food, and made some drawings of trees. I need to do this again, but I'd melt and die if I try to do it with this weather.